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Search a whole LAN and get information about the elements installed on it.

Lansweeper is a powerful software solution that lets you do a complete revision and inventory of all the elements connected to or installed on your LAN: software, hardware, services, shared data, information on drives, information on users, groups, etc.

Via this program you can find unknown processes, spyware, malignant and dangerous elements that would normally go unnoticed. An important advantage is that Lansweeper doesn´t need to install a client in your workstations; everything scanned is done via WMI use, shared files and access to the remote registry.

These are the main Lansweeper features:

* Completely free, without publicity of any kind.

* Run the server application in as many servers as you need.

* There are no restrictions to the number of clients.

* Very intuitive web interface.

* It includes up to 75 types of reports.

* It exports all the data to Excel format from the web interface.

* Reports and costs of all the software licences and operating systems installed in the LAN.

* It runs commands and programs via the Lansweeper interface. Ideal for attending to your clients or net users.


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